SEO Consultant

Hire the Best SEO Consultant in Johannesburg

Are you looking to get an SEO consultant on your team, which has a proven record that has done for other clients what he can do for your business? If your business isn’t getting the maximum exposure online that they should be getting from the search engines, then you should reach out today and find out how we can take your SEO campaign(s) to the next level to bring the ROI that you should be getting.

With over 12 years of experience under my belt, I have literally worked with hundreds of small to medium businesses and improved their online visibility on the search engines. With Google forever changing their algorithm, we always stay on top of the latest search engine algorithm changes, this way we can service our clients better using strategies that are Google friendly.

Today, most people use the search engines to find information, services and products that they are interested in buying. When a person enters a keyword or a query into the search engines, Google will return a list of results, and it is SEO that determines which pages get ranked higher on page 1 or get buried in the other pages.

It has been proven that most people are only interested in the first few results, this means that these rankings are of critical importance, and that’s where you would want your business to be, not buried under page 2 or 3 and beyond. There are SEO factors that affect on page optimization that are crucial to how Google will see a page and decide where to rank it, and there are also off page strategies that can boost your rankings.

What Services Do SEO Consultants Provide?

As an SEO consultant in Johannesburg, I am more than happy to have a look at your website and give you pointers as to why it’s not ranking. One of the first things that I look at when I take on a website is to check the amount of content on the site. High quality content is king when it comes to SEO and one of the few things that is a priority is to get high quality content on the website to bulk up the content that’s already there and boost the Domain authority. Also, we want to give your target audience the information of what they are searching for, and give the search engine indexing bots something to read.

This is also the best time to work on on-site SEO, this includes title tags, URL optimization, site architecture, meta tags, internal linking and keyword distribution. Keywords are the words that users search for on Google, such as “SEO Company in Johannesburg,” or “divorce lawyer in Johannesburg” to find information. Keyword research is huge part of the process, as we need to uncover exactly which keywords are relevant to your services and industry. Once we know the keywords that we are targeting, we subtly integrate them into a page. A blog is something we always encourage, as that keeps the website fresh with new content, which Google loves.

A huge part of SEO is off page optimization, which put in simple terms is building back-links. Backlinks are like a thumbs-up to a page, and they help in establishing credibility by proving that other websites find your content worth sharing. Now, links are not all equal, and the focus here would be to get high quality links from high quality sites, so quality over quantity. This may also include doing local citations and ensuring that the business information is consistent throughout all the platforms. Don’t forget about social media too, you want to make sure that your business has a presence on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to make it easier to connect with customers.

When choosing a Johannesburg SEO consultant, make sure you choose someone who only uses white hat techniques that are under Google’s guidelines. Because SEO ends to take a lot of time to bear fruits, some people end up cutting corners and running after quicker results, which is a bad idea because at some point Google will uncover those unethical techniques and your business or website will be punished for it in future search engine updates. So, only work with an SEO consultant who uses proven, responsible methods to get sustainable results.


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