Local SEO

Local SEO is More Important Than Ever

Local SEO is More Important Than Ever

Local SEO is different game compared to traditional SEO. If you are looking for a service say in Sandton or you are trying to find a pizza place, local SEO will get you results that satisfy your query that are closest to you. Local SEO is about finding a list of options nearest to where you are.

Local Map Packs (Google My Business)

At the moment, any time that you do a search for a local place, area or service, the Google search results have space to the local search results as the relevant information you are looking for appears in the Map Pack section.

There are 3 businesses that show up in the local pack have a better chance of getting found online and getting clients. This also means because there are only 3 spots, getting on there is quite competitive, and that’s exactly where you should want your local business to be.

Pretty much everyone is on their smart phone daily, searching for businesses and services, this means that local SEO is not only more competitive than ever before, it’s more important.

Getting Started With Local SEO and Google My Business

The very first step towards appearing on the top of the local map pack is having a complete listing on Google My Business. I see soo many business with unclaimed listings, and they clearly don’t know how much money they are leaving on the table. The information on your Google My Business profile is information that has your business name, address, contact information, and business description, which is information that is crucial local search results. It is extremely important to claim your Google My Business profile and even more important to get it optimised. The more information you provide to Google, the better chances you have at ranking locally.

Local SEO Citations

Like your GMB page, citations are listings on specific websites that provide pertinent information about your company. These listings will also have relevant information like your company name, website, phone number and address. Local citations can help you get found locally online, so make sure that your information stays consistent on every website where you get listed on.

Other Local SEO Factors

Having your local SEO done properly can help set you up for success with your SEO efforts. In addition to the GMB and the local citations, make sure that your website has quality content, good contextual linking, is responsive and the on page optimization is done properly. Combining all those SEO strategies will set you up for success with your SEO campaign, and your business can get found online when it matters most.

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